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About Carepride

Established in August 2011, Carepride is a family run homecare business that is managed by the owners. We are highly regarded for offering reliable, flexible and personalised homecare services. We work in partnership with Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire Council and private clients to deliver a cost-effective service, whilst at the same time maintaining a high quality of care to many ladies and gentlemen in Bristol.


Lucy Butt has well over a decade of care experience within the domiciliary care sector.

Shah Seehootoorah has a background that started with accountancy and finance that transitioned into the care home sector.

Our general manager, Amanda Mansfield, has been in this industry for many years and has a proven track record in managing a homecare service. She is committed to delivering high quality care and works closely with her team to reach the best possible goals.

 Our fantastic team of homecare Coordinators, Senior Support Workers and Support Workers are passionate about delivering a high-quality service to a level they themselves would be happy to receive.

Our ethos and unique selling point is the word “FAMILY”.

We are a business where everyone we work with is part of our family including clients and staff alike.